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Learn to Ride at Hot Rod Harley-Davidson

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Classes run April to September. Click Here to check availability and sign up online.  Please read our Cancellation Policy here.

Military, Police, Fire, EMT discount available. Contact for details.

Our New Rider Course puts you on the road to your license and a lifetime of riding.

Never ridden before? Don't sweat it. The Harley-Davidson® Riding Academy New Rider Course is designed to get you comfortable on a bike and give you the skills you need to ride with confidence.

Combining the time-tested curriculum of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation with the passion of Harley-Davidson®, the Riding Academy New Rider Course offers hands-on instruction and real-road experience that can teach you the skills you need to get the most out of riding.

New Rider Course Information

A proven blend of classroom instruction and range riding, the Riding Academy New Rider Course delivers the basics of motorcycle operation in Harley-Davidson® style. You’ll learn from devoted instructors certified by both the Motorcycle Safety Foundation® (MSF) and Harley-Davidson® to create a relaxed, supportive environment with small class sizes (12 or less students), that fosters camaraderie and confidence.

After passing a written and riding skills evaluation, you'll be eligible for your cycle endorsement (no other testing at the state required). We even upload your score/information to the DMV and most students can add their endorsement online. You will also receive a MSF completion card that could qualify you for discounts on insurance. But more than that, you'll begin a journey that lasts a lifetime.

This 3-day course has a mandatory on-line class (eCourse) through the Motorcycle Safety Foundation that must be completed prior to your scheduled class. The average time to complete the eCourse is approximately 3 hours (it does not need to be completed all at one time). The eCourse completion form must be brought to your first day of class. After registering and paying for your class you will receive instructions to complete the eCourse. Refunds will not be given for failure to complete the eCourse prior to class.

Learn to Ride at Hot Rod Harley-Davidson


To take the course, you will need:

  • To know how to ride a bicycle,
  • A valid automobile driver's license
  • Jeans, sturdy over-the-ankle boots, full-fingered motorcycle gloves, a heavy long-sleeved shirt or jacket and protective eyewear, and
  • A helmet that meets DOT specifications.
Learn to Ride at Hot Rod Harley-Davidson


You’ll be riding the new Harley-Davidson® Street™ 500, a light easy to handle sportbike with a rider-friendly design that will have you feeling in control.


The New Rider Course costs $349 per person, which includes the use of a Harley-Davidson® Street™ 500. It also includes the cost of the MSF eCourse.

Learn to Ride at Hot Rod Harley-Davidson


Classes are offered April-September (weather permitting).
Click Here to check availability and sign up online.

This 3-day course is held Friday to Sunday or Monday to Wednesday. All sessions are mandatory as well as an online ecourse, so make sure the course fits into your schedule. Times are as follows:

Weekend Class

Fri. 5:30PM - 9:00PM
Sat. 7:30AM - 5:30PM
Sun. 7:30AM - 4:00PM


Weekday Class

Mon. 9:00AM - 4:00PM
Tues.8:00AM - 4:00PM
Wed. 8:00AM - 4:00PM

Intermediate Rider Licensing Course

Ride like you were born on a bike. Take your riding to the next level with the Harley-Davidson® Riding Academy Intermediate Rider Licensing Course. Because the more you know about the road, the more it has to offer. There is a better rider in all of us - no matter how long you've been riding. It's time to get more out of the road, more out of the ride, and more out of yourself.

This eight hour course is held on the range over one day and designed to take your riding to the next level. The Course uses the proven curriculum of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Experienced Rider Course with some enhancements developed by Harley-Davidson® enthusiasts. Participants use their own motorcycles to enhance the following skills: control at low speeds, risk management, limited space maneuver, cornering judgement, stopping quickly in a curve, swerving and stopping quickly, multiple curve maneuvers and surmounting objects. Upon completion, students will earn a Intermediate Rider Licensing  Course completion card from the MSF that may assist you in getting possible discounts on insurance.

Learn to Ride at Hot Rod Harley-Davidson


To take the course, you will need:

  • Your own Street-ready motorcycle with proof of insurance 
  • A valid driver's license with motorcycle endorsement
  • Jeans, sturdy over-the-ankle boots, full-fingered motorcycle gloves, a heavy long-sleeved shirt or jacket and protective eyewear
  • A helmet that meets DOT specifications.
Learn to Ride at Hot Rod Harley-Davidson


You will be learning these skills on your own street-ready motorcycle.


The Intermediate Rider Licensing Course costs $150 per person.

Learn to Ride at Hot Rod Harley-Davidson


Classes are offered April-September (weather permitting).

This one day course is scheduled based on a minimum participation of 6 students and a maximum of 12 students per class. Scheduling is also dependent on availability of coaches.

Click Here to check availability and sign up online.

Ready to ride?

Start your adventure today and register for our Rider’s Academy® New Rider Course. Check available classes and sign up online. For questions call or text Jamie Gillard at  or send an e-mail to

Every year all motorcycle training & safety programs are reviewed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF). Here is a comment from our MSF evaluation.

"Hot Rod HD continues to be the best private program that I have seen."

Here's what some of our students have to say:

I wanted to drop you a quick note about this past weekends rider course. First of all I don’t know how to express enough Thank You’s to Harley Davidson for offering this program to us veterans. I planned on taking this course when I get a bike for sure but then I saw what HD was doing for our veterans so I jumped at the opportunity.Secondly, you and the RiderCoaches were fanatastic. Hot Rod were fantastic hosts, I learned a lot this weekend and not just about riding motorcycles. I think that a coworker may take the class as I can’t stop talking about how good of a class it is. I knew how to ride before this class but the class taught me a lot about techniques needed to navigate our roads. Again, thank you again for offering this to veterans and thank you for being a great host. I look forward to dealing with your dealership in the future when a bike purchase comes into play. Have a great and safe day.
- Jeff
Just wanted to say "thank you" again to Hot Rod Harley and the Riders Edge class. By taking the class, you have not only allowed me to check "getting my endorsement" off my bucket list, but allowed me to be comfortable enough to purchase! The first time on the road was pretty sweet, scary, unbelievable, etc! I still need to find a riding group, but I am on my way!
- Sherly
I was in the Basic Riding Course at Hot Rod Harley in Muskegon over the Memorial Weekend. You may remember that I had difficulty finding gears and shifting. That weekend was my first time operating a motorcycle, and with the busyness of summer and planning a wedding, I didn't have an opportunity to practice my new skills after the course. We did ride the Goldwing on occasion, but that bike is too big for me to ride on my own. After we came back from our honeymoon, I earnestly began looking for another bike. Something small enough for me to feel comfortable riding on my own. I took your advice and found a bike that fit me. My Steve got me out riding on familiar roads that very day. I love it! It didn't take long to to build some confidence, especially since it shifts so smoothly! In the last 16 days, I personally have put 650 miles on it and am sincerely enjoying this new interest. But I know that the reason I can enjoy it so much is because of the great coaching (skill and safety) during the Riding Course. Thank you very much. You guys were awesome teachers and offered a lot of encouragement. I think of you often while I'm riding...all of the helpful hints and knowing you'd be smiling at your students' accomplishments! I hope to see you out there on the road! Ride On!
- Suzanne (aka Sure Shift)
I just wanted to take a moment to express how awesome of a class I thought Hot Rod Harley offers novice riders. I bought my first bike this last Saturday. (passed my test at SOS today and got my plates and insurance today). Although I want to practice a bit before I hit the road, I am confident with the skills I learned from you, Mike and Steve, all should be great!! (see photo attached). Everyone treated me so well and wanted nothing but for me to understand. (I had never been on a motorcycle before). And true to my word, I bought an enduro! My plans are to take it out in the country and really get a feel for what it is like to ride and control a bike, and I truly feel you guys definitely have me going in the right direction! Practice! Practice! Practice! are my intentions for a little while. But I am hopeful to purchase my first real road bike first of next summer! I cannot thank you enough for the thorough training! I don't think I could have received this kind of attention to safety and detail from anyone else! I have already recommended Hot Rod Harley to several people, and will continue to do so. And Mike...."little bit, little bit" what constantly goes through my mind when remembering how to handle the throttle. :) Thanks again everyone!
- Nichole
Once again thank you for the great class. I picked up my bike yesterday and my cy. I rode her to work today and I never stopped smiling.
- Steven M.
I am sending this message to update my status as a motorcyclist, after taking the Riders Edge class this past weekend. I went in to the S.O.S. this morning and took the written test for my endorsement and passed. When I got home from doing so, I took my bike out for a ride to get gas, and loved the feeling of the freedom. I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity of learning the basics and safest way of riding. I would not be a motorcyclist with out all of your help. Once again thank you for having me in the class and teaching me what I know now. Yours Truly,
- Jamie C.
I had an awesome time at the class and have recommended it to several people already. I know my mother, brother and girlfriend will all be taking the class with you guys in the near future. Have a good day and thanks again for helping me learn to ride.
- Kenny B.
I LOVE it. I'm so proud of myself for doing this. Never would have thought this all would have happened so fast. It has been the BEST thing I have done for myself. I can't believe what I have accomplished so far on the bike and the experience from the class on the bike, Richard, Kim & You!!! Thanks
- Katie :)
Thanks again for everything you did for our class this weekend. Everyone at Hot Rod and associated with Rider’s Edge is top notch!!! I just want to come and hang out at the dealership with everyone. J The pictures you provided to all of us are priceless. I love them and laugh every time I look at them. What a great touch!!! I will see you soon, as I plan to stop in often to rave about my great experience with Rider’s Edge and Hot Rod.
- Jodi D.
I just wanted to share a sincere thank you with you both for the amazing experience in my Rider's Edge class this past weekend. I am a big supporter of trying new things and putting yourself outside of your comfort zone, that being said I don't usually follow my own advice. Having been afforded the opportunity to sign up for the class, to tour the shop and to learn from people that I consider experts on a bike and true teachers, I am incredibly blessed to have spent the weekend with you two (as well as our class) as I gained the needed experience to get myself ready to ride. Words cannot express how grateful I am that I was able to learn from and be under the supervision of experienced riders that are concerned with my safety. I had such an incredible experience that I can't imagine having gone anywhere else to take this class. It was a breath of fresh air to be taught something so fun, and so freeing as riding a motorcycle. You both have given me a deep respect for the bike and helped instill the qualities needed to be a safe driver. I look forward to purchasing my own bike and taking further courses with you both, and then eventually sharing the road with you both. Thank you again Mike and Steve for the amazing experience and the chance to be a part of a kick ass group of riders! Thanks,
- Sara K.